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It is an Italian artisan gin, legally distilled since 2021, produced with grain alcohol and a batch still with steam distillation basket. It is handcrafted with 10 Italian and Southeast Asian botanists, eight of these divided into three infusion groups then distilled with the addition of the last two in streams of steam for a more delicate aroma extraction.

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Distill Hub is a gin distillery born in 2019 in Salerno. Lorenzo's passion for gin, on the other hand, was born in 2012 in Milan, when he took part in the first Italian GinDay. On that occasion he discovered how much gin had changed over time. What struck him immediately was the similarity with the perfume sector. Any spice can be used with gin, there are no rules, except to leave the main juniper to taste and smell.

Fascinated by the multitude of products available on the market and also considering the particular offer that the Milanese bars were able to offer, Lorenzo began to taste a lot, almost as if it were a job. For a couple of years he went through most of the main bars and speakeasies in the city. Each gin looked better than the previous one, but it cost a lot to taste in bars and he switched to buying directly in wine shops. Buying he had the opportunity to read the recipes and after a year he decided to try to repeat them. He then bought a very small two-liter still and started distilling. He distilled whatever came his way at the market and in the Indian and Chinese spice shops, the oldest cultivators of aromatic plants. For a couple of years he reproduced recipes and made distillations of individual botanicals to understand the extractability of the aroma, intensity and incidence. He then followed the course of Chemistry and Technology of Aromas from outside. Then he bought a 10-liter still, giving life to real batches of 15 bottles that he only let his friends taste. They really appreciated his gin, even recommending that some bartenders try it too. So he did, and the bartenders appreciated it too. Also indicating which qualitative range I was on compared to the gins present in their bottles, and it was high. Over the next two years he continued distilling as a hobby by tasting his recipes, until one in particular convinced him to take the next step, commercialize. Having gained some experience (even if at home) in distillation, he immediately decided that if he invested in gin, he would build his own distillery and would not have commissioned the production to someone who produced many other brands. It took a year to open between Covid, construction site, permits and licenses, but finally the micro distillery is there. He bought a 250 liter discontinuous still with nominal capacity but loadable up to 180 liters. Xamorfos is a gin that contains ten ingredients including Italian and Southeast Asian botanicals and spices. It is produced starting from a triple infusion, i.e. part of the botanicals are divided into three groups and infused on different days in the same hydro-alcoholic solution with alcohol of cereal origin. At the end of the infusion period, everything is moved to the boiler where, before starting, the last two botanicals are added to the steam distillation basket. This will give us a more delicate and smoother extraction of aromas. The recipe includes juniper, coriander, angelica root, iris root, kaffir leaves, Kampot red pepper (Cambodia), Timut pepper (Himalaya, Nepal), lemongrass, elderflower and red rose petals. The alembic is manufactured in Monteriggioni da Frilli in the province of Siena. It has a nominal capacity of 250 liters which can be loaded up to 180 liters. Therefore, with a 50% hydroalcoholic solution, about 175-180 liters of gin can be produced per batch. That is 360 bottles. All labels are hand numbered by Lorenzo, and all bottles are individually hand labeled. We did not want to automate any process, thus maintaining the same craftsmanship that we had when he distilled on behalf of third parties in the apartment and was called contraband.

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Angenehm würziger aber auch sehr weicher Gin, pur verkostet bei Zimmertemperatur