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Bols Genever is a liquor cocktail classic, award-winning, which combines the miscibility of the alcohol in white with the complexity of the brown, to give life to a unique taste of its kind.

Alcohol content 42%

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The unique tastes and the original Bols Genever enable bartenders to use the authentic flavors of the past and recreate the true classic cocktails as they once were (the Original Collins, for example) or invent new, contemporary and well balanced. The tones to the malt of gin, similar to whisky make it the perfect to be enjoyed neat, with ice, accompanied by a beer or in “normal” drink mixed simple, such as the Dutch Coke or the Genever with Coke.
Bols began distilling gin (genever), the national spirit of the Dutch, in 1664, a proud tradition that continues to this day. The Master Distillers Bols have perfected the art of distillation of gin in the course of the centuries. In 1820, Bols introduced a revolutionary new recipe for a gin taste more subtle, resulting from a better balance of alcohol, malt, neutral alcohol of grain and various plants. This new recipe is the authentic taste of gin: complex, intense and pleasant. In addition to being a distillate, perfect to drink in the smooth, has been since the beginning, the creation of a drink in vogue in the United States: the cocktail. These first cocktails were often made with gin, thanks to its intense flavour and delicious and balanced which makes it perfect to mix.
Today, Bols offer two types of gin: Bols Genever and Bols Genever Barrel Aged. Both are produced according to the original recipe of Lucas Bols in 1820. The taste, smooth malt and subtle derives from the use of over 50% of alcohol and malt, produced by a long fermentation of rye, corn and wheat, distilled three times in copper pot stills. This alcohol of the malt, the heart of a good gin is then infused with a distillate of carefully selected plants until you reach the alcohol content of 42%; a percentage carefully chosen by our master distiller, because it combines to perfection the aroma and the taste on the palate. The attention to detail in the process of distillation is equal to that of a good Scotch single malt.

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