Gin Gold is produced in a small distillery situated on the border between France, Germany and Switzerland, in a small town in the Alsace.After you have obtained the alcohol in a first distillation, are two of the distillations to refine the quality, and, finally, a distillation and an infusion with the different botanical give life to the Gin Gold 999.9.

Alcohol content 40%

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In addition to juniper berries, other botanicals blend together to give life to a unique product: tangerine, almonds, ginger, flowers of violet, coriander, angelica root, cassia bark, gentian, poppy, vanilla.Gin Gold is a gin complex, where the aromas of resin (juniper), citric (tangerine), fresh flowers (violet, gentian and poppy seeds), spicy (ginger and coriander) and balsamic (vanilla and almond) coexist and blend with angelica root to obtain a perfect balance.To better appreciate all the nuances of Gold Gin is recommended to combine it with elements of the acid and strengthen the scents of juniper and adding some berries.The “Perfect Serve” is the following: Gold Gin, tonic water, a slice of green apple Granny Smith.

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