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The basis of all the Gin Kyro is a distillate of rye, to which are added 16 botanical cleaning and 4 just distilled. The botanical ones are in the majority indigenous, cultivated or wild, as the olmeria, buckthorn, cranberry, the wild or the leaves of birch. The type Napue is herbaceous and sweet with a finish that is peppery, made from rye.
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Like most of the best things,the idea of creating the All Rye Distillery was conceived in a sauna”. So say the five finns, who in 2012 decided to transform the distillery, the building where he had had the location of the most famous dairy in finland. After two years of work, the distillery has started smoking in 2014. Isokyro is a place where since ancient times the history and events that have left tangible signs. It is definitely a place where both the people that spirits are born with a lot of character.

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