GIN Mì & Tì – GIN Lù CL.50
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GIN Mì & Tì – GIN Lù CL.50

Gin Lù is a gin aged in wooden barrels, with an exclusive and particularly refined refinement process. Juniper dominates the botanical blend of Gin Lù, together with Sage, Licorice, Rosa Damascena, Cherry, Lapsang Souchong Tea and Sicilian Blood Orange Like Gin Mì and Gin Tì, Gin Lù is also produced in very small batches, with a process of double vacuum distillation with Rotavapor.

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Barrel aging is carried out with a passage in three different woods - Oak, Mulberry, Juniper - with aging times, size of the barrels and methods of preparing them, different for each phase and wood. Gin Lù barrels are "tree-lined", that is, treated before their use, with two refined Chinese teas: a precious Pu-Erh, refermented from 900-year-old plants, and Royal Lapsang Souchong, the precious and powerful smoked tea of ​​the Fujian also used in the gin recipe.

The Mì & Tì collection consists of a pair of Gin designed to enhance respectively the characteristics of the classic Martini Cocktail (Gin Mì) and the perfect Gin & Tonic (Gin Tì) and a barrel aged Gin (Gin Lù), with steps in three different woods: oak, mulberry and juniper. The three gins have a common root, given by the use of some of the most "classic" botanicals of gin - juniper, sage, licorice, rose, lemon - but they differ in perfumes and taste, due to the use of some specific essences (yuzu, Lapsang Souchong, chamomile, cherry, orange) which give each of the distillates a different and specific character.

Gin Mì & Tì are produced with artisan care and with raw materials of the highest quality from Origine Laboratorio, in the small town of Cengio. The various botanicals are first macerated separately in alcoholic bases of the highest quality from organic wheat, then mixed according to an exclusive recipe and finally re-distilled under vacuum at low temperature with Rotavapor.

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