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Gin del Baffo was created to satisfy the most refined and daring palates: the authenticity of the ingredients, balanced and harmonious with each other, create an innovative melody of flavors that guarantees an authentic and unrepeatable experience in its original combination. The natural amber color and the freshness of the flavors reminiscent of grapefruit, licorice and honey, blossom from the natural cold infusion of hand-roasted Specialty Coffee to guarantee a sublime yield ... word of the Mustache!

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Il Gin del Baffo: The first Premium Dry Gin with Specialty Coffee

Who I am:

My name is Fabio Dotti, I am a young boy but with a mustache that has practically always been, curious and enterprising by nature, Master of the Art of the Cafeteria by profession and Italian Champion in coffee tasting. Thanks to my training and my sensitivity in tasting, I decided to undertake this new challenge and to give life to my first Gin; not just any one, but the first Premium Dry Gin with Specialty Coffee.

I will always take care to select the best natural ingredients for you for a unique and unrepeatable combination, which will accompany you in new melodies of flavors and genuine aromas, in every bottle and in every sip ... entrust yourself to the Mustache!

The Idea: Gin del Baffo is a gin with a contemporary style, born from years of study and careful tastings to be able to wisely combine two great passions that accompany me in life: Specialty Coffee and gin. It is a spirit drink, one of a kind, with juniper, angelica and coriander obtained by distillation and subsequently combined with Specialty Coffee, which I have carefully selected for you, to complete this natural aromatic bouquet.

Nose: honey, grapefruit, coriander and angelica. Palate: soft, dry, with notes of licorice and juniper. Final: clean and persistent. Perfect: on the rocks or with tonic water.

Natural infusion of Specialty Coffee

Country Ethiopia | Sidamo Region | Yrgalem area | Typica variety | Altitude 1600-1900 meters above sea level | Washing station Abdullah Bagersh | Hand-picked | Process Washed and dried in the sun on African Beds

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