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GIASS is born from a complex recipe, designed to embrace as many notes as possible in a stable suspension. 18 botanicals intertwine with the lightness of a tightrope walker, crossing areas of taste that are apparently distant. GIASS designs the map of its territory, where each element is a place to be identified and reached with taste and smell. 18 precious medicinal herbs mixed together await the missing botany, the 19th essence necessary to complete the map. The uniqueness of your taste.

Alcohol 42%

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The former Porta Romana railway station is an expanse of space left to go to itself. A tongue of cement that the 2015 Expo re-qualifies for a few months. Long rows of containers house temporary shops of all sorts.
It is in this fusion of sounds and colors that GIASS's idea takes shape.
Five friends with different characteristics, among them a professional barman who enriches some gins with a personal selection of botanicals and an unusual method.
The infusions are introduced into the dishwasher of their space, which keeps them at a temperature of 65 degrees for all 30 minutes of the cycle.
The result is surprising and the desire to create something of one's own begins to make its way concretely.
Together they buy a small three-liter still and select 18 botanicals, a creative quest to obtain a balanced, versatile taste. This is how the current formula of the first London Dry Gin in Milan was born: an artisan spirit, the result of the desire to combine different elements.
GIASS however does not stop and is ready to perfect itself through a new precise still, more suitable to refine the basic recipe, up to the current evolution.
A solid classical base composed of juniper, coriander and angelica offers the other botanicals the opportunity to express their characteristics.
1. Juniper berries
2. Coriander seeds
3. Angelica root
The natural drying process at low temperature, dedicated to golden apples and orange peel, celebrates the fruity part of the formula.
4. Dried Golden Apple
naturally at low temperature
5. Dried orange peel naturally at low temperature
The rose petals and the chamomile, violet and orange flowers give off a floral bouquet of a preponderant character, embellished by karkadè, a glass of the exotic flower of the hibiscus.
6. Rose petals
7. Chamomile flowers
8. Violet flowers
9. Orange flowers
10. Karkade
The mineral notes of GIASS revolve around the presence of mint, fennel and earth almond, a particular tuber of limited diffusion, known since ancient times for its noble properties.
11. Cypher or earth almond
12. Mint leaves
13. Fennel seeds
The citrate soul is entrusted to verbena citrus, cardamom and lemon balm.
14. Citrus verbena leaves
15. Cardamom seeds
16. Lemon balm leaves
Cassia and thyme, finally, structure the compartment of woody notes.
17. Cassia
18. Timo

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