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With a fine and delicate aroma that evokes Mediterranean aromatic plants. On the palate elegant, soft, fresh and sweet thanks to the notes of citrus honey.

Alcohol 40%

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It is distilled three times in a copper still. During the first distillation all the classic botanicals are used, such as juniper, angelica and cardamom. The others, including honey, are added during the other two distillations.

It was launched on the market by Alberto Pizarro, one of the most influential bartenders in Spain, nominated in 2011 and 2014 as the best barman of the year. The gin recipe celebrates the place where it is distilled, which in the 20th century has become the production epicenter of a wide range of spirits thanks to its location close to the Mediterranean Sea and many vineyards. Here, various monastic orders have been established, such as the Cartusians and the Cistercians, who produced their liqueurs using the same botanical that were selected for the production of Modernessia Gin.

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