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RUM / RON The Naga Rum is a rum of Indonesian production, in particular of the Island of Java, derived from local ingredients (the native sugar cane, of which molasses and yeasts are used) and therefore very precious. Honey-colored with coppery reflections, spicy and delicate aromas of mango and banana. On the palate, vanilla is lightly touched with a touch of cinnamon and spices.

Alcohol 38%

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The first production phase begins with the fermentation of sugarcane molasses, which sees Indonesia as its homeland. The Indonesian climate and soil are fundamental criteria for the perfect cultivation of these plants. The fermentation of the very slow, carried out with the addition of another Javanese product, namely red yeast rice. The Naga Rum is then subjected to two different stages of maturation, a first refinement in wooden barrels, called "Jatti" and a final aging in other wooden barrels, inside which the bourbon matured previously. .

The strong bond with the territory can already be seen in the name.

The name Naga is that of the mythical creature of Asia, guardian of the snake of the treasures of the earth and symbol of prosperity, fertility and protector of the treasures of nature. The naga is a mythical being of Hinduism, but the word also basically means: the snake. The Naga in religion maintain the treasures of nature, are attached to water and bring prosperity. In the legends of India and all of Southeast Asia, the Nagas are inhabitants of the underworld where they treasure the treasures of the earth.

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