RUM / RON Product, harmonious and spicy, aged for four years in barrels of Bourbon and oak barrels in the us. Thanks to the spring water of volcanic origin are preserved all the qualities of the terroir of the sugar cane.

Alcohol content 43%

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The reason for this obstinacy is the pride that J. M has its plantations, considered by all as the best on the island thanks to the special microclimate generated by the presence of the volcano Mt. Pelée. The production process of Rhum J. M begins with the harvest and the immediate pressing of the sugar cane to extract all the flavour in the juice, the basis for the subsequent distillation. The Rum agricultural J. M is produced exclusively from only the juice of the cane fermented without any addition of sugar or caramel, as well as prescribes the regulations of the Appellation Contrôlée Martinique.

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