RHUM J.M MULTIMILLESIME 2002-2007-2009 CL.50
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RHUM J.M MULTIMILLESIME 2002-2007-2009 CL.50

RUM / RON prestigious born from the assembly of 3 different thousandths, in a rich, elegant and intense limited edition. On the nose notes of candied orange while on the palate the spicy and vanilla aromas meet a delicate and broad finish that recalls blond tobacco.

Gradation 42.5%

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The label tells of the union of three different thousandths, selected with care and attention by the distillery team for its particular quality profile. All three thousandths are made from the pivotal ingredient for the production of Rum, or the pure juice obtained from the processing of sugar cane. The distillation process takes advantage of the use of traditional copper stills, which allow you to extract the most natural and concentrated hints present inside the sugar cane. Then the rums are aged in oak barrels for periods between 10 and 15 years, to finally be assembled and give life to this Multimillésime.

FAMILY MANAGED COMPANY SINCE 1914: 300 hectares of property, 150 of which are cultivated with sugar cane, bananas and pineapples. Today the heirs of the Crassous de Médeuil family carry on with passion the ancient and traditional production methods of Rhum J.M.

SELECTED RAW MATERIAL: after being cut, the sugar cane is crushed within an hour to extract the fresh and pure juice that will be used for fermentation.

EXCEPTIONAL MICROCLIMATE: the 4 varieties of sugar cane used are grown at the foot of Mount Pelée. Habitation Bellevue enjoys a tropical and excellent climate with a particularly rich and fertile volcanic soil. The collection period is between March and June.

PRECIOUS WATER: the pure water used comes from an exclusive source of volcanic origin rich in minerals from the nearby Monte Pelée. Rare and key factor that makes the production of Rhum J.M.

DOUBLE COLUMN COPPER ALAMBIC OF CREOLE TYPE: from the distillation a rhum with a not excessive alcoholic gradation, around 72%, is obtained to preserve the floral and natural aromas rich in fruity flavors conferred by the raw material used.

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