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The taste of Mastic is unique and can be drunk alone or in cocktails.
Soft taste, sweet sensation persists in the mouth. Hints of lavender and coconut.
Alcohol 28%

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The antecedent of chewing gum. The Mastiha is obtained from the resin of the Mastic tree (lentisk) that grows on the island of Chios. Quoted since the 5th century BC from Herodotus and Hippocrates, still appreciated today for its medicinal effects. It is used as a chewing gum and as an adjunct to lower the cholesterol level.

The Callicounis distillery is a family company founded in 1850 in Kalamata, Greece. It is among the oldest distilleries in the country and has received several international awards and recognitions. Finest Roots Ltd is a subsidiary founded in 2011 that launched an innovative range of 4 niche liqueurs produced by hand in the distillery at the beginning of 2013: The Roots Spirits: Mastiha, Rakomelo, Herb Spirit, Tentura. The "Roots Spirits" are born from the unique experience of four generations of distillers and an original inspiration that aims to shape and redefine the most distinctive flavors of Greece. These liqueurs are based on traditional Greek recipes from 160 years ago and are a unique blend of herbs and special ingredients found only in Greece and Mediterranean countries. Every single drop is made with 100% natural extracts, without artificial flavors or additives. The philosophy of Finest Roots is to offer authentic, pure and high quality flavors; derived from the past, perfected over the years and ahead of its time.

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