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IDOL was born at the beginning of 2020 from a group of young people who have lived Milan by night for many years, and created the IDOL brand with an identity that therefore develops as a fusion of the most characterizing aspects of Milan: internationality, fashion, design and historicity. These influences have led to a bold style with a strong personality, which is also reflected in all their recipes, designed to give the products a taste that is always distinctive and bold, but at the same time refined and exclusive. The IDOL amaro recipe is the result of the search for Italian raw materials combined with the cosmopolitan idea of Milan and dedicated to Sant'Ambrogio, patron saint of Milan, honored with the use of honey. This Amaro was born for a new idea and culture of drinking. A pleasant and engaging end to a meal; an irreplaceable ingredient in mixing to create an exuberant aperitif.

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Botanicals: honey, bitter oranges, chamomile, mandarin, thyme, tarragon, sage, gentian.

The particular infusion/maceration technique, in highly prized alcoholic solutions, of the numerous herbs, berries, botanicals and selected roots gives this moderate spirit unique and highly prized characteristics, all enriched with floral and balsamic notes released by the precious honey ingredient capable of blending and rounding out the taste. The citrus notes are enhanced when mixed with the addition of bitter orange slices, well combined with hints of sage and other aromatic herbs including thyme and gentian, which leave the consumer with the possibility of personalizing their drink.

Unique for pleasure if consumed alone with the addition of a few ice cubes.

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