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The Cachaça 51, the most drunk of the whole Brazil, is produced by more than forty years, from the historic and famous distillery, Pirassununga, a fazenda, which, alone, produces in its 4,000 acres of land, more than 350,000 tons of sugar cane per year.You can enjoy smooth, alternating with layers of orange slices, but is simply perfect for the preparation of the Caipirinha.

Alcohol content 40%

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The distillate is rough, very difficult to drink, smooth and is estimators only when it is inside a cocktail of fruit, such as the popular batidas in brazil. The reason behind this roughness is not to be sought in the raw material, molasses, which was removed by centrifuge, and almost all the sugar available.Obtained from the distillation of the sugar cane, Cachaça may be considered, to all effects, a rum, with a single difference that separates it from the latter: the total absence of sugar. In fact, this is completely spun away from the molasses during processing, making it a liqueur that is too dry and hard to enjoy smooth but just perfect to be mixed with other drinks in the creation of the famous and inimitable cocktails such as the Caipirinha.Colorless and crystal clear, it denotes delicate, ethereal and floral aromas, fruity and spicy, with vague references to the notes of tea. Hot and dry on the palate, with a taste that is strong and beautiful persistence spicy at the end.

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