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It is light and refreshing with a touch of the unique melon. Do not let be discouraged by the word "liqueur", as this is not like a traditional liqueur after dinner. There is a lot more of this in the Midori - it is extremely versatile and can be found in many fruit cocktails, as well as mixed with another mixer simply as a long drink.

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The first secret of the perfection of Midori is the uniqueness of its ingredients. The creators of Midori inspired by the japanese tradition. Midori is produced by using the best melons japanese variety Yubari and Musk, the unmistakable aroma of sweet and fresh. Are selected only the best melons of Japan. Melons, Musk is known for its fresh taste and intense. The melons Yubari, which grow only in the region of Yubari in Japan, are famous for the sweet flavor and the perfect proportions. The variety Yubari, similar in appearance to the melon of Cantaloupe classic, from the sweet pulp rossoarancio, is the perfect gift to offer in the summers japanese. Give this melon to your boss or to a colleague if you want to be sure to express your respect. Subsequently, melons, Yubari arrives at Suntory, where they are distilled in special conditions to maintain the characteristic sweetness. It is here that beats the heart of Midori: in the infusion of a mix of melons Musk and Yubari, who gives it to Midori, its taste is unmistakable, and in the distillate Yubari, for that fresh aroma of melon. In both processes use neutral alcohol to high alcohol content to emphasize and enrich the natural taste.
The green color is due to the pulp of the melons Musk. The liqueur is then bottled and is then ready for export to all over the world. The design also rough of the bottle reminds you of melons Musk, in the skin. The exact recipe Midori is a secret and known only to a few.

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