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It is a 100% natural fermentation agave espadin mezcal with an honest and intelligent philosophy according to which the mezcal should be accessible to all. Green Moment is a tribute to the sexual energy of the espadin plant which takes 7 years to concentrate and with his sacrifice allows us to feel free and enjoy the moment. That's why we call ourselves Green, like the energy of agave. To create a mezcal with a unique taste, perfect for all cocktails, Verde uses a set of 3 different woods in the cooking process to obtain a more smoky profile. And this determines its uniqueness.
Alcohol 42%

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The Mezcal Verde Momento is made to be drunk in the company of people with whom we are well and we want to share a special moment. Like the moments, even our games of mezcal are unrepeatable. We communicate through the design of the label that changes constantly to represent this uniqueness.
Some labels support artists who share our philosophy and represent or are inspired by contemporary Mexico. We have chosen to work with different artists whose work reflects a vision of the contemporary world far from the clichés of the collective imagination. The proposals of these artists express a current vision in the spirit of Mezcal Verde Momento
- Smoked Agave Espadin with 3 types of wood (ocote - holm oak - and pepper tree) - Organic product
- Labels made by artists
- 10% of the profit is invested each year in sustainability projects

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