Belvedere Bloody Mary, a unique and innovative product that is inspired by the iconic and namesake, long drink. The maceration of 7 ingredients makes the vodka with the highest concentration of elements ever created.

Alcohol content 40%

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The maceration of the Belvedere Bloody Mary combines the most classic ingredients and expressive, a perfect balance between rich tomato juice more sweet and the lemon the most exuberant, accompanied by a riot of spices, without the addition of additives. Belvedere Bloody Mary with its unique aroma, intense and absolutely natural, it has notes of black pepper smoky that accompany fresh tomato salsa, grated horseradish and chili pepper, which is enhanced by the bright and clean shades, bell pepper, and spices.

Thanks to the process of maceration intense and prolonged, in which we use only the finest ingredients and a high concentration of spirits to bring out the best taste of tomato, the Macerated Belvedere are excellent vodkas herbs, which leave the palate a hint of genuine, full-bodied and engaging. Belvedere Bloody Mary is the excellence of the classic Bloody Mary, and becomes the basis of deep and complex ideal for new cocktail of luxury, thanks to its intense flavour and rich in character.

The Belvedere Macerated* the latest masterpiece of Belvedere Vodka, the perfect synergy between Vodka the most exclusive in the world and unique ingredients, carefully dosed. The “maceration”, the exclusive process developed by Belvedere Vodka, consists in extracting the oils from the petals of the flower, from the peel and pulp of the fruit, leaving them immersed in alcohol which is then re-distilled in order to create an inimitable elixir flavored

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