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Vodka Amundsen was created in honor of the legendary 1911 expedition to the South Pole, the first in history to conquer Antarctica. With a simple and soft taste, very pleasant. To drink iced for a unique taste experience.

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But the link between this vodka, produced and bottled in Poland, and Antarctica goes much further. In fact, from the frozen continent comes the crystalline and uncontaminated water with which it is produced, an exceptional ingredient that is added to the carefully selected wheat and cereals that complete the list of raw materials that make up the recipe. To this is added a cutting-edge production process, much slower than that used in traditional smooth vodkas, which involves filtration carried out at a temperature below 0 ° C and 5 distillation cycles. A combination of ingredients that gives this high purity vodka its typical notes, peculiarities that are best appreciated if served smooth, at a temperature below 0 ° C, but which also make it an excellent ingredient for mixing. No less characteristic and refined is the bottle, with its square shape reminiscent of that of a block of ice and like this transparent but in shades of blue, in fact, typical of ice reflections. On the side, the word "Expedition 1911" is in relief, in reference to the expedition of Amundsen, while on the front, always in relief, the word "South Pole 90's", which indicates the southernmost point in the world.

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