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Our Clandestine wants to be a tribute to the gins produced at the time of Prohibition, the so-called "Bathtub gin", when gin was produced in secret bars called "Speakeasy", which served as a cover for clandestine distilleries in which containers of luck were used to mix alcohol and spices.
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This production method, called "Cold compounding", combined with the use of a soft alcohol of cereals, spring water and fine botanicals, leads to a very aromatic, fragrant and intense and complex taste, also suitable for pure tasting. The amber color is due to the fact of not being filtered to maintain a more intense aroma and the infusion of botanicals, juniper in the foreground, with a typical resinous but dry and decisive aroma, followed by the spiciness of coriander, all balanced by the angelic that binds and enhances the balsamic, citric and floral notes of cardamom and aromatic calamus. Its aromatic complexity is enhanced by fresh and pungent citrus scents, which make it unique and unmistakable

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