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River Mentana, venetian dry gin, is a distilled gin that was born in Veneto, on the historical routes of the Serenissima Republic of Venice. The research starts from the recipe of a gin of juniper only that Domenico Maschio produced in the 40s, a fabulous mix of wild junipers that grow around 400 meters above sea level, on the "Rive" of the left Piave, and the high altitude junipers of the "Great Woods from the Reme of Venice", where we took care of the planting of a new juniper at 1,500 meters.
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Color river, of perfect transparency, gives the nose elegant aromas of juniper, freshly baked bread, toasted hazelnut and mint. In the mouth it is full, velvety, with mineral hints and accents of sea salt, white pepper and spices. The finish is long, sweet-salty, with notes of almond and cream. It is a soft and dry gin, of excellent freshness, to try mixed with not too aromatic tonic waters, or "straight", in order not to dilute and confuse the most delicate aromas.
The mission is to produce a distilled gin of monobotanica which, in addition to the quality mixology, is excellent in pure taste: a gin to drink smoothly, to fully appreciate the integrity and aromatic persistence.
A difficult challenge because the natural aroma of juniper is delicate and fragile, and only the art of a great master distiller manages to keep the molecular equilibrium alive and stable over time.
River is a term that defines diamonds coming from rivers, river precisely. They are the most precious diamonds, with perfect transparency, like our gin.
Mentana is the ancient grain cultivar that characterizes the alcoholic base. A fragrant grain, creamy, with a marked salinity, cultivated near the Venice lagoon.

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River Mentana Gin
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