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A full-flavored gin that fills the mouth. The significant citrus note with bitter orange peel is balanced by floral notes of lavender and softened by licorice. It has a long dry finish. Thanks to the balance of its aromas and its unmistakable flavor, Mediterraneo was awarded the World Gin Awards in the category of best London Dry Gin in Italy of 2021.

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The 7 Botanicals:

JUNIPER: It is the basis of any good gin. Provides a rich, tart pine flavor with a hint of citrus.

ANGELICA: Floral aroma with a slightly bitter finish of juniper complement.

ORANGE: The peel provides a fresh and orange nose, with a strong citrus flavor.

CORIANDER: The seed gives a lemon aroma with light floral notes on the nose.

CARDAMOM: Provides a complex mix of citrus, spices and herbs with underlying notes of mint.

LAVENDER: This botanical helps provide a delicate balance between cardamom and angelica.

LIQUORICE: Used in gin for its sweetening properties and pungent notes of camphor.

Mother's Ruin Mediterraneo is a London Dry Gin that combines an all-Italian idea and the experience of the best London master distillers. The Mediterranean name identifies the essence of Gin: a harmony of aromas that accompanies the senses from the sweet scents of Provence to the spicy tones of North Africa passing through the Tuscan hills and Sicilian orange groves. Each botanical is carefully selected based on its geographical origin and treated to ensure that the Mediterranean Gin respects the parameters of an organic product. Gin is distilled at Thames Distillers ltd in London, the distillation process aims to guarantee the utmost care of the raw material and, without further artifice, to allow botanicals to fully express their organoleptic characteristics. The basic alcohol is obtained on site at the estate where the cereals are grown and in a second phase, distilled together with the botanicals. Cut off the head and tail and let the heart of the spirit rest for a preset time - secret of the recipe - the gin is ready, without further and superfluous steps. One of the peculiar characteristics of Mediterraneo London Dry Gin and of Thames Distillers products is the use of stills not in copper, but in stainless steel (stainless steel) - the famous Tom Thumb and Thumbelina (Pollicino and Pollicina in Italian) as they are called by the master distiller and owner Charles Maxwell - chosen as they were created by the historic company John Dore & Co. "to last over the centuries" and because they lack any electronic support.

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