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A flavor that comes from a distillation process carried out at the Langley Distillery, a historic Birmingham distillery, located in the United Kingdom and founded in 1805. One of the oldest family-run English distilleries that has been producing spirits for more than 100 years. There are 6 preparation steps to create a perfect, high-quality blend and require meticulous and methodological attention. From a careful selection of botanical herbs, to distillation in the two stills, to the mixing of the two distillates to end with a marriage of flavor and dilution ready to be bottled.

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Bickens is an elegant and refined interpretation of London Dry Gin, born in 2012 which finds its distinct peculiarity in the production process and in the rich blend of botanicals. A distillate made up of 10 botanicals, coming from all over the world and capable of creating a perfect gin for blending. Bickens is characterized as the ideal gin for those who love to experiment and make high quality modern cocktails. It is a blend to be told that arises from the unsurpassed union of two handcrafted spirits produced in two different copper stills: Angela & Jenny, creating a marriage between tradition and modernity.

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