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Le Tribute is a premium Spanish gin made from natural ingredients, packaged in a fantastic and elegant bottle. A fresh gin, with a citrus scent.

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Natural ingredients:

Juniper. We select and select by hand the best ripe juniper berries from the rural property of the Giró family in Teruel.

Citronella. After months of trying to extract essential oils from lemongrass, we found that the best option was to distill the herbs with water rather than alcohol.

Orange and Lemon We use two types of Valencia oranges and Seville lemons that we macerate together, guaranteeing a perfectly balanced distillate that combines perfectly with the rest of the botanical ingredients of our gin.

Grapefruits. We use three types of grapefruits that combine perfectly to achieve a balance of sweet and sour flavor resulting in a fresher liquid.

Kumquat. Citrus fruit, originally from China, which provides acidity and freshness.

Tangerine. From the Mediterranean coast, the sweet touch.

Lime. The queen of freshness to complete the fresh flavor of gin.

Productive process

Basic alcohol: We use the best alcoholic base of wheat and barley.

Botanical selection: After the artisan selection of botanical products, there is another quality control in the distillery itself, before peeling and manual maceration.

Distillation: We distill each group of botanists individually and then the master distiller processes the mixture following the recipe of the Giró family.

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