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The first alcoholic nectar, IOVEM differs from a liqueur in that it does not contain sugar, it is sweetened with honey and grape must. The purple color comes from one of the anthocyanins (natural pigments) extracted from the grape skin. All IOVEM ingredients, such as ginger infusion, are obtained from quality raw materials and are processed following a "HAND CRAFT" process (handmade) in our distillery. Using it as a protagonist, low alcohol cocktails are obtained, but it can also be combined with high-grade spirits. Miscible with everything.

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Purple like mystery, unique like its taste.

From thought to research in order to convey the magic of new sensations with a liqueur, this has led me to create IOVEM. The Viola liqueur with a taste that was not there.

The story of a myth:

In the mists of time, the tale of how the Chinese invented an extraordinary drink by fermenting rice, honey and fruit over 9,000 years ago is lost. The most sophisticated societies subsequently learned about distillation, when the ancient Chinese technique crossed the Silk Road. The oldest documents found describe a ritual alcoholic drink consumed during religious holidays, probably Ambrosia, produced by the fermentation of honey, which was believed to be the drink of the immortality of the gods. For the Romans it was given to men by Bacchus, born from the mad love of Jupiter, god of lightning, for the deadly Semole. Wine was the most appreciated and drunk drink in the ancient world, reworked in different recipes including a wine seasoned with honey and spices. Two basic spices, ginger and cinnamon. Ginger originating in South Asia, was highly appreciated both for its digestive and purifying properties and for its spicy taste. The ancients believed that the use of this spice would help the soul rise to divinity. Greeks and Romans made extensive use of ginger, such as lemon, fruit of Asian origin. Although introduced with a certain reticence, lemon became a sought after and precious fruit. All the elements of antiquity today give life to IOVEM; the wine must, honey, lemon and ginger and the purple color. The purple that in the past represented the highest positions in society was even worn by statues of divinities and emperors. IOVEM is the symbol of a new story, full of mystery and pleasure. The intense aroma and stimulating flavors create a unique and unexpected taste experience. A new way of drinking Italian.

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