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Brockmans is unlike any other gin. It differs from the others thanks to its unique recipe, the use of special botanicals and the scrupulous distillation process. The distinctive notes of gin and the scent of coriander, married to the softer notes of blueberry and blackberry offer a new taste experience and a decidedly soft gin.
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Brockmans Gin is created thanks to a special combination of botanical.
These aromatic botanicals, grown in the wild, are immersed for many hours in the purest wheat distillate to release their aromas.
Subsequently, Brockmans is distilled in a traditional 100-year old copper still.
The botanicals that give life to Brockmans come from all over the world.
These include some typical ingredients such as angelica from Saxony, Bulgarian coriander and juniper berries from Tuscany.
The more traditional notes of gin are combined with a refreshing effect thanks to citrus and aromatic thanks to the berries.
GINEPRO From Tuscany in Italy: grown wild, the juniper gives a scented note to the gin, with hints of pine and lavender.
MIRTILLI From Northern Europe: a unique and original addition of blueberries offers a fruity, dry softness and a wonderfully floral aroma.
MORE From various parts of Northern Europe: they give Brockmans a deep and round fragrance.
CORTECCIA DI CASSIA Dall'Indocina: often used in spicy gin, has warm notes of cinnamon but with a softer aroma.
LIQUORICE From China: traditional liquorice sticks give woody scents and sweetness to the palate.
LEMON SCORZA From Murcia to Spain: adds a sparkling and refreshing note.
CORIANDER From Bulgaria: coriander seeds give a combination of spicy and citrus notes.
ANGELICA From Belgium and Saxony: the angelica gives sophisticated notes that embellish the gin.
ORANGE SCIENCE From Murcia to Spain: aromas of sweet orange, fragrant, fruity and soft on the palate.
ALMONDS From Spain: bitter almonds help to combine all the other ingredients and contribute to the soft taste of Brockmans.
GIAGGIOLO From Italy: provides the floral notes characteristic of Brockmans.

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