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RUM / RON An intriguing mix of intense flavors that start with the citrus notes of Kumquat combined with roasting aromas, cocoa beans and sweet notes of Madagascar Bourbon vanilla for a bittersweet finish.

Gradation 32%


• Arrangés de Ced 'has no expiration date.

• The date of manufacture is indicated on the back of the bottle.

• We recommend serving the Arrangés de Ced 'slightly cold.

• Once opened, it can be safely stored as any distillate or liqueur

• As you consume it, part of the fruit may no longer be covered by the

liquid and oxidize externally. This does not affect the quality of the product.

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In 2011, Cédric Brément, began the Rhums de Ced 'adventure with one goal: to revive the Rhums Arrangés category. Rhum Arrangés are traditional recipes typical of the island of Réunion and the French Caribbean based on Rhum, fruit and sugar cane syrup. From the selection of white Rhum Agricole to the choice of the highest quality fruits, it is the passion that guides the Ced 'Team and pushes it to create an ever wider assortment of products able to satisfy all tastes.

A trained agronomist, Cédric has carefully selected the ingredients and farmers over the years to create his range of Arrangés. The artisan recipes are the expression of the best Rhum of the French Caribbean (Martinique AOC and Guadeloupe), fresh fruit ripened on the plant and sugar cane syrup specially created by them from the best sugar canes. Les Rhums de Ced 'are 100% natural and do not contain flavorings, dyes and preservatives.

SELECTION OF INGREDIENTS. From Victoria's pineapple from the island of Réunion to the cocoa beans harvested in Mexico and fresh toasted in Nantes, Ced 'personally knows all the local farmers involved and great attention is given to minimizing the time from harvest to processing. All fruits are transported by air to ensure maximum freshness. Rhum de Ced 'uses only seasonal fruit carefully selected for the different aromatic components that give the product. Equal attention is paid to the selection of highly aromatic Rhum Agricole from the islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe.

PROCESSING When the fruit reaches the best degree of ripeness, it is harvested by hand and shipped by air to France. Immediately after carrying out the customs operations, fresh fruit arrives in the Rhums de Ced 'laboratories near Nantes. All the fruit is processed in the day, without exception. Each fruit is manually cut with a knife and immediately immersed in the bottle with the mixture of Rhum Agricole and sugar cane syrup. To guarantee maximum freshness and aromas, no more than two minutes may pass from cutting the fruit to immersing it in the bottle. Maceration occurs naturally in the bottle which must rest for at least a month before being marketed.

MAITRE ARTISAN Since 2013, the laboratory of Les Rhums de Ced 'has obtained the important recognition of Maitre Artisan by the French government, an award that goes to reward the talent and competence of the best craft companies across the Alps.

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Ottimo prodotto, L’abbinamento è davvero spettacolare in modo particolare il sapore dei mandarini giapponesi insieme al caffè hanno l’effetto quasi di un tonico