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It was a warm July evening and from the veranda of the company, surrounded by apple orchards, I was conquered by the colors of a cyclamen purple sunset, which created a dreamlike atmosphere. For a long time I had been pondering the idea of a product that was out of the ordinary, which represented me for taste, quality and image. That it was the spokesperson for my belief as a valuable organic producer. Thus was born "Il Peccato di Eva", organic apple brandy. Clear in color with a hint of ripe apple, intense on the nose and palate, balanced and persistent.

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Fruit brandy obtained by carefully selecting 4 varieties of organic apples, among the best of my production and among the most particular for flavor and organoleptic characteristics. I believe that producing according to nature is a quality choice, but it also includes embracing the idea of ​​living following the ancestral rhythms of nature. Thanks to my family, who have always believed in healthy and conscious agriculture. Thanks to grandfather Guido and my father Giovanni, my mother Annamaria, my land and the pride of being a farmer.

Production area: Zevio - VR

Types of apples: Blend of Gala Schniga, Fuji Kiku, Granny Smith, Imperatore Dallago ,. Whole fruit ripened on the plant.

Distillation: double distillation in bain-marie stills and continuous cycle distillation.

Elevation: 1 year in stainless steel containers

Organoleptic examination: clear with a hint of ripe apple intense on the nose and palate, balanced and persistent.

The Spillari family has lived and worked for three generations in the territory of Zevio, in the province of Verona, a place dedicated to apple cultivation and one of the most important municipalities in the province for the production of this wonderful fruit.

The Zevio countryside has always had characteristics very suitable for the production of apples, thanks to the Adige river that crosses it, making the land easily irrigable and of good texture.

In 1952, thanks to local companies and an important production, the first "Apple Festival" was inaugurated in Zevio, which will give new life and image to this fruit, making Zevio the "Land of apples".

Today Simone leads the entirely organic company, which produces apples of different qualities and other types of fruit. Aware of its history and in love with its land, it produces not only fruit but also apple brandy in limited quantities, certified organic and with numbered bottles.

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