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HASWELL Gin in london as Julian Haswell, master distiller and owner of Gin Haswell, who said: in my humble opinion, the three most important ingredients to make a London Dry Gin classic are of course: juniper berries, angelica root and coriander seeds.

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I have always wanted to make a Dry Gin that could first and foremost to be enjoyed clean; after that everyone can do what he wants with Haswell Dry Gin. The ingredients I chose for Gin "Haswell" Dry are: juniper Berries (Europe), a spice used to the primary aroma in gin. Angelica (Europe), this helps to provide the note and earthy, which is a brand of Gin Haswell. Coriander seeds (Europe), those are best bought fresh from Morocco, and crushed to release their complex blend of citrus and spices, then the oranges, lemons, and ginger. Summer savory is the most delicate of the ingredients, adding notes to read, such as mint. Lemons (Spain), we use only the juiciest Spanish lemons. “Grains of Paradise” (West Africa), these berries are intensely pepper add a pleasant spicy note. Orange peel from Haiti and Morocco), is the most important part of the Gin Haswell to create the character, and the difference with all the other gin. We use only the finest oranges, selecting the most beautiful skins to add a mild flavour of bitter-sweet. The orange that we use is very rich in essential oils. Licorice root (Europe and China).

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