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Sangre de Vida Reposado is an excellent tequila with a full, warm body. It offers a perfect balance between its delicious and smooth flavors and the strong taste of its 55% alcohol content. The nose is fruity, with notes of agave and caramel. Pleasant, sweet agave and citrus fruit dominate the palate, with a hint of pepper and oak. Its complex finish lasts a long time and leaves a pleasant feeling of warmth. An extraordinary tequila for those special moments.

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Sangre de Vida is distilled from home-made agaves -weber- that have grown between 10 and 14 years. The soil in which the agave grows is of considerable importance. For this reason Sangre de Vida uses only agaves from its own fields in the area around Tequila, in the state of Jalisco. The best blue agaves thrive in the unique soil of this region, which is located within the protected area of ​​origin of tequila.

After being hand-picked, agave hearts (piñas) are slowly cooked in a brick oven for around 36 hours. This traditional art of slow cooking prevents agave from caramelizing and helps maintain its naturally sweet taste.

To extract the sweet juice (wort), the cooked piñas are crushed and mashed. The must obtained is then left to rest for five days in natural fermentation.

Sangre de Vida is distilled three times with great care, guaranteeing the purity and best properties of the tequila.

For storage, only French white oak barrels of alms are used, a type of wood rather atypical for a tequila. The unusual storage in oak gives Sangre de Vida its special and complex properties. The aging process is constantly monitored by the Master Distiller. Sangre de Vida Reposado is bottled after 90 days, Añejo after a year.

Region: Jalisco, Mexico

Producer: La Cofradia S.A. DE C.V.

Agave harvesting method: 100% artisanal

Type of oven: brick oven

Extraction method: shredder

Distillation: triple


Platinum - Packaging 2015 Spirits International Prestige Awards

Double gold medal - Best Reposado 2015 WSWA Spirits Tasting Competition

Argento - San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2015 Made in Mexico 2015 tasting competition

Bronze - 2015 Spirits International Prestige Awards

Grade 94 points - 2015 The Tasting Panel

Great, strong recommendation, 84 points - 2015 Ultimate Beverage Challenge

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Tequila ottima ma la bottiglia ancora meglio!

rating 10 10 1
Altissimi livelli
Tequila speciale, corposa e molto aromatica
rating 8 10 1
prodotto quasi perfetto

Avevo deciso di comprare il set di tre bottiglie di tequila e mi sono deciso quando ho visto che spendendo una certa cifra sarebbe arrivato in omaggio un rum (il titolo lasciava intendere ZACAPA) ma è arrivato altro...tequila ottima deluso dell\'offerta


La ringraziamo per il suo ordine , vorrei solo precisare che l'offerta era composta nella segeunte maniera : 

- La bottiglia di Zacapa 23yo lt.1 era in omaggio dentro una Composizione di 3 Rhum a pagamento ( Pancho Villa, Relicario Superior e HSE )

- Mentre con ordine sopra € 90,00 si poteva usare un Codice , per ricevere in Omaggio una Bottiglia di Rhum a SORPRESA del Valore di € 40,00

rating 10 10 1
Bottiglia particolare
Bottiglia originale e contenuto molto buono!! Tempi di consegna, confezionamento e disponibilità da 5 stelle!\r\nGrazie
rating 10 10 1
Che dire? A parte il packaging favoloso, la tequila è una favola.