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Crespo London Dry Gin is produced from the maceration of 11 botanicals: juniper, lemon and orange peel, cassia bark, dill, coriander, licorice, cinnamon, angelica root, cardamom and iris. These are hand-picked and selected, from 8 countries, from 4 continents, the cardamom and the citrusy touches of orange and lemon stand out. The production process follows the traditional London Dry technique, maceration takes place in extra neutral alcohol distilled five times, and the water used comes from the protected area of El Cajas, in the Ecuadorian Andes. The product is bottled, labeled, sealed and manually numbered.

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An author's gin produced with pure water from the Andes.

When he was 19, Gustavo Crespo started working in his grandfather's distillery in Uzhupud, a rural community in the Ecuadorian Andes. There he discovered his passion for creating new spirits. In a small notebook he wrote down all his creations, including the formula of a very high quality gin. Over the years the notebook got lost and with it also the precious gin recipe. Five decades later, Gustavo decided to return to his experiment from which Crespo London Dry Gin came out, the fruit of his research and passion. After some time the notebook was found, but the precious formula that Gustavo had sought so much was certainly less excellent than the exceptional Gin Crespo recipe.

Crespo London Dry Gin was awarded the prestigious Double Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2016.

Appearance: transparent, crystalline and brilliant.

Aroma: aromatic and fine to the nose, classic and elegant, with touches of citrus and nuances of cardomom and dill.

Taste: persistent and slightly pungent, fresh taste given by licorice and dill.

Sensation on swallowing: dry and aromatic, classic and slightly pungent thanks to the high alcohol content.

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