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The passion for gin and eco-sustainability pushed two young sommeliers, Ilaria Lorini and Stefano Clemente, to dedicate their heart and soul to this new challenge. The desire to create a very high quality product that winks at the protection of our planet, helping bees in particular. These small insects, increasingly endangered with climate change, are essential to global food needs. The excessive amount of waste produced has led us to search for a container that is both practical and sustainable. Our choice of packaging fell on stainless steel which is infinitely recyclable, can be reused as a water bottle for use in everyday life, and beyond. The double wall allows you to keep both hot and cold drinks at temperature for 12h.

Alcohol content 42%

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Type London Dry Gin

Alcohol content 42%

Capacity 500ml

Origin Tuscany, Florence

Botanicals: Tuscan juniper, chamomile, acacia flowers, thyme, sage, rosemary, lavender, coriander seeds, bergamot, iris root.

Particularities Each botanical has been carefully selected among the "Bee-Friendly Flowers", flowers with higher quantities of nectar which support bees during climate changes.

On the nose the balsamic part of the juniper stands out and then leaves room for round floral notes emphasized by chamomile, acacia flowers and bergamot. In line with its philosophy, Visionair recalls spring in bloom and the awakening of our friends bees.

In the Mouth As a London Dry gin the juniper part remains predominant but its balsamicity is smoothed out by the botanicals used in the recipe. At the end of the mouth comes the freshness of the citrus fruit which induces salivation. A lovely gin to be consumed on its own. Eco-sustainable packaging is designed to avoid producing further waste. Once you finish your gin, the water bottle can accompany you on all your adventures.

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