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This London Dry Gin of the very small Florentine distillery Peter in Florence wants to be a tribute to the city of Florence. A fresh and innovative gin thanks to the use of various botanicals, primarily iris, the icon of the city, of which not only the root is used, but also the petals, much rarer, which emphasize the floral in the distillate, over the fresh bergamot rind, the dried lemon and the rose berries. A gin that will make your cocktails special.
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Fourteen in all that compose it, almost all local: in addition to juniper and iris, fresh bergamot, dried lemon, rose berries, fresh lavender and rosemary flowers, angelica root, coriander, bitter almonds. All from local micro-producers specialized and organic.

Juniper, organically grown Tuscan Iris petals, well water purified and treated by osmosis, certified spices, an alembic and a very passionate team is the equation for the first distillery in Italy dedicated to gin, born in Florence.
It is Podere Castellare di Pelago, an Eco Resort set on the Florentine hills, the home base for the gin Peter in Florence. PETER IN FLORENCE is the first London Dry Gin produced with almost exclusively Tuscan ingredients (with the exception of some botanicals not available in Italy) as Tuscany grows best some of the prime materials for the aromatization of gin.
Podere Castellare di Pelago is thus the first specialized micro distillery in Italy, and also a laboratory dedicated to give a full 360 degree experience of gin, where it is possible to see where the herbs are grown, picked and used in production, the formation of the product, guided tasting and first hand experimenting: with its micro distillery it is possible to produce gin live with the guest, with the possibility to use a variety of botanicals.
PETER IN FLORENCE is, in tribute to Florence, the “gin of elegance”: with a central focus on Iris, the icon of the historic city, in which not only the root is used (like most traditional methods) but also the petals are used, which is very rare, and emphasizes the floral part of the distillate. It is a classic gin, adhering to the rules of London Dry Gin, but innovative for its creative use of various botanicals.
There are fourteen botanicals in its recipe: in addition to juniper and iris, there is fresh bergamot peel, dried lemon, rose berries, lavender flowers, fresh rosemary, Angelica root, coriander, and bitter almonds, which all come from local micro producers specialized in biologic botanicals. In addition there is cherry bark from China, paradise grains from West Africa and green cardamom.
What is fundamental is the water, which is collected from the well, analyzed in the laboratory and treated with reverse osmosis, reaching the highest international quality standards provided by DIAGEO.
Although about 47% of high quality juniper used in the gin industry comes from Tuscany- particularly in the area between Florence and Arezzo - to date there has been no place dedicated to gin. In Italy there doesn’t exist a distillery exclusively dedicated gin where you can also experiment, refine and analyze the qualitative aspects of the product: often gin is distilled in mixed production sites, or across the channel, albeit with Italian botanicals.
For the production of PETER IN FLORENCE, a special alembic was created, exclusively created by Green Engineering. This is a small version of the historic Carterhead alembic which has produced some of the best gin in the world. While it maintains the original design from 1831, the technological features make it avant guard, completely unique In Italy, and this features enable the machine to control all the basic distillation parakeets such as temperature, density, and volume, which a very high degree of precision, guaranteeing a high quality. It is also the only alembic in Italy that uses steam infusion, allowing for a more delicate and natural extraction of essential oils and aromas.
The recipe, created by Stefano Cicalese, involves a distillation process that wisely combines liquid and steam infusion. The “vapor infusion” was introduced by Thomas Dakin using his own Carterhead alembic, whose design was reinterpreted for PETER IN FLORENCE using the best available technologies, such as numerical fluid dynamics, but keeping its 200 year old design.

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Giglio fiorentino ottimo
Ottimo gin, profumo e gusto ben bilanciati e molto piacevoli, la botanica del giglio fiorentino dona particolarità e ottimo gusto
rating 10 10 1
lo conoscevo, molto buono