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Gin with extraordinary elegance made from a true and robust juniper, harvested by hand on the Apennines of the middle Adriatic side. The proximity to the coast allows the galbuli to develop a highly typical aromatic content. The wise choice of botanicals and the profound knowledge of distillation methods allow all its character elements to live in harmony.

Uncommon and sophisticated spices such as cascarilla bark and three different types of pepper are combined with an important herbaceous component of which helichrysum stands out above all, giving the palate a refined balsamic and gloomy part.

To complement it, myrrh gives a very particular oriental flavor and the right amount of freshness is obtained from fine home-made dried lemon peels from the Adriatic coast.

Splendid mixed with tonic water, enthusiasts will find it at its full strength as smooth as a meditation spirit.

Alcohol content 42%

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Prelude OVERTURE is our ultimate expression of gin.

At the basis of the creation of this distillate is the desire to create a gin with extraordinary elegance using an uncommon juniper, so as to restore to this distillate its most important basic characteristics.

The juniper we have selected is a true, robust and at the same time elegant juniper, harvested by hand on the Apennines of the middle Adriatic side. Here the mountains on which it grows rise at an altitude of 1500 meters not far from the coast. This allows the development of galbules with an important aromatic content and strong typicality.

This botany, as one should look for in a good gin, is the first that strikes and inebriates the nose and is the one that supports all the others. Well present but never invasive.

Together with the high quality of the juniper, this result was achieved thanks to its particular processing. The berries are first partially bruised and, in the subsequent distillation process, amalgamated with the alcoholic solution before being placed both inside the cucurbit and in the botanical basket.

For a gin of this lineage, botanicals that give body and keep together the entire bouquet of aromas could not be missing. We find coriander, angelica root, liquorice root and also a small part of iris rhizomes.

In this distillate these botanicals are like the mortar between the bricks, just as the juniper represents the foundations.

Therefore, on a good basis we have built our castle of flavors and aromas, with uncommon and sophisticated spices such as long pepper and cascarilla peel, grains of paradise and fennel seeds which, together with others, represent the specialty of this gin.

There is an important herbaceous part, where common mint, thyme and helichrysum stand out clearly among all the botanicals, giving that balsamic and dull part that is so pleasant and refined on the palate.

As a precious gift, we have infused pure myrrh crystals to give a particular precious oriental flavour, which combines with the velvety sensation given by the cocoa beans and bitter almonds subjected to quick roasting.

As regards the important citrus part, we relied on fine home-made dried lemon peels from the Adriatic coast which, together with a very fragrant lime and cardamom berries, giving the right freshness to the final product.

The production process takes place in a 300 liter copper still with direct flame, with the botanicals placed in a stream of steam. Small batches allow us not to overload the process which occurs very slowly with constant and generous use of the dephlegmator.

The alcoholate obtained, which has approximately 86 degrees, is left to mature in steel for a period of no less than 30 days, during which the distillate is perfected and refined at its best. At the end of this period, a mild cotton filtration is carried out and the alcohol content is subsequently adjusted to 42 degrees before being bottled.

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