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Produced in the Castle of Ellinge the THIRTEENTH century, in the south of Sweden, Purity Vodka is the result of a perfect combination between the ancient techniques and modern innovation.The creation of the “Master Blender” world-renowned Thomas Kuuttanen, Purity Vodka is distilled in a pot still crafted in copper and gold, specially built for the Home.

Alcohol content 40%

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The distillate passes through two towers of 8 floors each, placed at 3 different heights, so as to adjust the flow depending on the characteristics sought. The course of the distillation is monitored by several glass windows on both towers, and the cycle concludes in an airtight container in 24k gold, from where it is then removed for subsequent distillation. Before reaching the maximum quality and the degree of alcohol of 96%, the brandy is processed, in total, 34 times with a loss of 90%. The process concludes in several tanks. The result is a vodka pure, that does not require additional filtering and keeps intact all the natural flavours, coming from products just as genuine, such as: - winter Wheat “Gneiss”: variety particularly suited for the production of bread and vodka, which grows in the south of Sweden. - Barley “Tripple”: used mainly in the production of beer, is a perfect complement to the grain to the distillation of vodka. - Mineral water source from artesian wells owned by the Castle Ellinge. To avoid that the mineral salts contained in the water to make the distillate is too heavy, you use of the deionized water to 70 %, coming from the same source protected.

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