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Taurus gin has a pungent flavor, with hints of black pepper and ginger, and the unusual black color distinguishes it from all the others and makes it a unique gin. From a skilful blend of herbs, spices, plants, roots and berries. They are the so-called "botanicals" that like a magic potion give life to the flavor of the distillate. The Taurus Gin recipe includes 7 of them: juniper, cardamom, angelica, coriander, ginger, a round berry pepper, a long berry pepper. Seven botanicals that make it a Premium gin, one of a kind.

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Most of the botanicals present in the Taurus Gin recipe are harvested by hand in the Occitane valleys, an uncontaminated area of ​​rare beauty in the Alps of Western Piedmont. The spring water with which the distillate is diluted flows from the Alps themselves, a pure and uncontaminated water that flows in an aquifer in the heart of the mountain. The result is a gin with spicy notes and an unusual black color which, drunk alone or mixed, manages to amaze the eyes and the palate.

Legend has it that after drinking a mysterious and powerful elixir, a bull managed to defeat the terrible dragon that for many years sowed fear and destruction in the city of Turin. Since then the bull has stood out on the banner of the city, as a symbol of the courage and strength of its inhabitants. Today, in the wake of that legend, Taurus Gin wants to remember the audacity of that bull, following an ancient recipe handed down over the years and which has come down to us, here is that magical elixir drunk by the bull before facing the dragon and which allowed him to defeat him.

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