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Distilled in two 100-liter copper stills dating back to the Second World War and 12 "botanical" stills, of which the main ones are: juniper, cumin, bay leaf, hops, caraway and coriander, it enriches and improves its perfumes and aromas over time , thanks to over two years of refinement of the recipe and the use of fresh aromatic herbs that are previously left to infuse for more than 15 days. Cumin, hops and bay leaves are distilled with the "low boiling" technique, in order to enhance the aromatic expression: an olfactory explosion that ranges from juniper to fresh mountain herbs. On the palate it is soft and persistent, the herbaceous aroma is balanced by subtle bitter hints.

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Antonio Levarin known as Toni, soldier of the Navy of the Royal Italian Army during the First World War, on the occasion of a rare event of pacification between the Italian army and the Austro-Hungarian army, he happens to taste gin for the first time, brought to celebrate by a fellow soldier of the British Army. Such was the amazement for the distillate that at the end of the conflict Toni stopped building mines - which, exploding at night, illuminated the water, hence the name of gin Aqva Lvce - and began to build stills and distil gin secretly. Thanks to his friend Luigi it was possible to find and recreate one of Toni's recipes, from which the gin Aqva Lvce was born.

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