It is produced from grain English high-quality source water, subjected to three distillation processes.

Alcohol content 40%

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Tasting notes: the gin is light and dry, with hints of juniper and almond followed by delicate notes of citrus: “hand of Buddha, bergamot and sweet orange.
Tasting tips: in a cool Gin and Tonic, it is very elegant, fragrant and persistent. The possibilities for the realization of delicious, refreshing cocktails, both classical and contemporary, are virtually limitless. The hand of Buddha (Buddha's Hand or Fingered citron) is a variety of citron whose fruit is segmented into different sections. This particular variety of cedar is characterized by a division of the fruit in various segments, which make development on its own, creating for each clove in its own peel, thus forming, instead of the classic cedar, the various “fingers” of the “hand of Buddha”. The fruit has a thick peel and only a small amount of pulp, and is sometimes seeded with marrow inside white with a sweet taste.

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