GIN 585,5 MILES CL.70
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GIN 585,5 MILES CL.70

Why 585.5? The answer is simple, they are exactly the miles of the suggestive Portuguese coast, jagged and open on the Atlantic from which the seaweed rich in iodine, mineral salts and vitamins with which this Gin is made are collected. The story of this unique and very special Gin ...

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Everywhere in Portugal you can breathe a great story, there is no small village that does not at the same time keep color, feeling and a veiled and fascinating sense of melancholy. The great ocean has marked its character and destiny, attracting thousands of sailors and adventurers for centuries to new discoveries and new trade routes. The ocean brings dreams, adventures, village life to the coast, dictating commercial, social and culinary rhythms and customs. From the hands of skilled fishermen all the varieties of Atlantic fish have given birth to incredible and varied recipes, in their vigorous hands there are the signs of the stories of the sea, of an ancient culture full of stories.

With Gin 585.5 miles, a Gin totally produced in Portugal, we wanted to pay our tribute to this incredible country to that imposing and mysterious element that is the Atlantic Ocean with its fragrant and nutritious vegetation; A gin that could enclose the most authentic soul of Portugal, the one that for centuries has looked at the sea and its ancestral attraction.

With its botanicals: juniper, St. John's wort (medicinal herb), coriander, cardamom, licorice, oceanic algae and spring water, 585.5 gives us an experience of freshness and intensity out of the ordinary, a persistent aroma of seaweed that makes it perfect to seal the meeting on the palate with seafood specialties, especially if raw, such as fresh shellfish, sushi and sashimi, shellfish, oysters ...

PRODUCTION TECHNIQUES: 24 hours of infusion; distillation of each single botanical ingredient;. distilled in traditional stills; three filtrations. The entire bottling process is done by hand. Persistent scent of ocean seaweed. Perfect for a very fresh GinTonic as an accompaniment to fish specialties, fresh shellfish, sushi and sashimi or simple tasting by the sea. Crystalline and colorless appearance.

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Alge, ostriche !!\r\nCarattere.. da provare!!