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RUM / RON Dark color with golden hues, smoked molasses, toasted oak, dried fruit and caramel aromas. On the palate notes of brown sugar, maple syrup with smoky notes. In the Netherlands we have a rich history in the trade and aging of rum, but also in the smoking of food. Food smoking is an ancient preservation process, dating back to prehistoric times. It was actually one of the few food options for sailors (17th century) when traveling with their ships to the Caribbean. Why not combine both traditions in one product?

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• Country of origin: Netherlands

• Origin of the Rum base: Caribbean (Barbados, Martinique and Panama)

• Ingredients: Rum, liquid smoke, sugar and water

Productive process:

1. We have selected specific aged (tropical) rums from Barbados, Martinique and Panama

2. Heavy charred staves (level 3) are infused at the Schiedam distillery with Barbados Rum, over a period of 8 weeks

3. The rums are then blended together to create our rum base

4. Liquid smoke, sugar and water are added to the rum base

5. Bottled at the Schiedam distillery at 45% vol.

6. The bottles are sent to a social workplace, to wrap over 2 meters of jute rope around the neck of each bottle, by hand.

Rum base:

1. Barbados Rum 8YO (tropical aged) - dominant in the rum base - Foursquare Distillery

2. Martinique Rum (heavy unaged rum) - smoky profile - Le Galion Distillery

3. Panama Aged Rum 6YO - tropical aged - woody profile - Varela Distillery

Smoking process:

1. The leftover (unpainted) wood chips are collected from the sawmill manufacturers

2. Wooden ships are burned and smoke is collected in the water (condensate)

3. This process takes place in a closed loop, preventing the release of emissions

4. The condensed smoke is filtered to remove all harmful and polluting substances

5. The condensed smoke (liquid smoke) is mixed (for consistent quality) and customized.

6. Liquid Smoke is mixed with the rum base according to our recipe.

7. A sustainable smoking process that reduces ± 80% of CO2 compared to traditional methods.

Clear color, of medium intensity, brown color with golden reflections

Nose: By the Dutch Smoked opens with aromas of dark molasses and smoked molasses, toasted oak, toffee, dark chocolate and dried fruit. Followed by earthy and green notes of sugar cane. Aromas of smoked bacon topped with maple syrup.

Palate: A soft and full-bodied start of toffee, molasses, dates, raisins and vanilla with subtle smoky notes, followed by an explosion of hot spices, cracked black pepper and chipotle. The mouthfeel is warm, smooth, chewy and oily. The flavors evolve in a balanced game of stewed plums, dark chocolate, fresh roasted espresso beans and smoked pecans.

Finish: The finish is rich in notes of charcoal roasted meat, charred fruit and sweet soy sauce. The finish is relaxing, soft, sweet and persistent.

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