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RUM / RON Rum Relicario is the result of an integration of different rums with an aging variable from a minimum of 7 to a maximum of 10 years; the result of this mixing is a rum of the highest quality.
Alcohol content 40%

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The mixing of these various components is then subjected to a further process of aging that provides the perfect combination and harmonization of all components. The result is a rum with unique features, skillfully elaborated by the master roneros” of the dominican republic and then subjected to aging in barrels of american oak, previously used for aging bourbon.
• Color: clear liquid, dark amber, of pure.
• Aroma: typical of aged rums in oak barrels, very balanced in all its components, slightly sweet, with hints of plums and grapes withered; balance very good between all its components, without any predominance or to the wood of oak or alcohol.
• Taste: noticeable the feeling of aging, mature well; perceptions of sweet enough net, combined with hints of wood and tones of vanilla and sweet almonds dried.
• Sensation on the palate: liquid is quite viscous on the palate, fills her mouth with an aftertaste a little pungent, balanced by a note of bitter for nothing irritant; it brings a nice feeling of warmth sweet in the throat, thanks to the high alcohol content.
Awarded a silver medal for the packaging, and bronze for the product at the San Francisco World Competition 2014 and a bronze medal at the International Rum Conference – Madrid 2014.

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