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PLAMB Five citrus fruit liqueur. The only liqueur on the market with more than one citrus fruit. Five citrus fruits that meet, reveal themselves one by one. Immediately, a pungent aroma that awakens the senses. Then, on the palate, a harmonious, balanced, persistent scent. A journey through green, bitter and bold citrus fruits, and sunny, sweet, soft ones. An extraordinary complexity and gustatory elegance. A fascinating alchemy. Between the unusual and the unexpected.

Alcohol content 35%

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PLAMB was born from an ancient recipe from over fifty years ago. We use the authenticity of the raw material coming from the Ionian coast of the province of Reggio Calabria, which offers products with rare organoleptic characteristics. The transformations of the production process are kept to a minimum in order to best preserve the ingredients.

Peeling is done by hand to make the peels as thin as possible, without breaking them and losing the essential oils. Subsequently we move on to slow infusion in pure grain alcohol, stripped of aromas and colorings. Time completes the work. The supply chain, totally artisanal right up to bottling, respects the cycles of nature, allowing us to create our liqueur with dedication and meticulousness. PLAMB is synonymous with family and represents uniqueness, already welcomed in various Italian contexts of fine dining and refined mixing. PLAMB is an authentic alchemy, an original expression of citrus scents, a liqueur for connoisseurs. The five main ingredients blend together through a mysterious formula, surprising first the sense of smell and then the taste, giving those who taste it incisive and refined fragrances. Harmony, balance and persistence of flavors give intensity and freshness to this quintessence. With its enveloping olfactory pyramid, its sweet and bitter notes at the same time and its elegant packaging, PLAMB is created with the aim of pampering those who enjoy it in their moments of pleasure and relaxation. The Mediterranean in a bottle.

PLAMB 100% Made in Italy. The Ionian coast of Calabria, a unique place between sea and mountains, where Bergamot becomes DOP and gives its most prized essence. A production process with few transformations, to maintain the ingredients as much as possible as they are given to us by nature.

Type of liqueur: sugary, based on infused citrus peels.

Processing: cold infusion in stainless steel tanks.

Color: intense yellow, clear.

Smell: medium intensity, persistence of citrus notes.

Taste: clean, balanced, citrus. Final with bitter persistence. It fills the palate with notes deriving from citrus fruits, the alcoholic strength is not invasive, a minimum percentage of flavor is recorded a few minutes after the first sip.

Raw materials: grain alcohol; grapefruit, lemon, orange, mandarin, bergamot peels; white sugar; still water.

Serving temperature: 8 - 12 degrees

Tasting tips: excellent as a tonic to drink straight after a meal. It is enhanced when mixed in long drinks, with tonic water or as an adjunct in classic daiquiris, margaritas and tiki style.

Awards and Recognitions:

Two Stars “Superior Taste Award 2023” - Taste Institute, Brussels

One Star “Superior Taste Award 2021” - Taste Institute, Brussels

Spirito Autoctono 2023, Italian Spirits Guide, Italian Touring Club

Silver Medal - "San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2021"

Silver Medal - "New York World Spirits Competition 2021"

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