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London Dry Gin, distilled with botanicals and extra virgin olive oil. The production of Gin follows three stages of distillation: organic wheat, Mediterranean botanicals such as juniper, coriander, licorice roots and olive leaves, finally extra virgin olive oil. Great for a Dry Martini, a Gin Tonic and Negroni

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On the nose Gin di Puglia is very fragrant, reminiscent of the smell of freshly squeezed olives, summer evenings, bread and tomato. It is aromatic, as expected from the notes of juniper and licorice. Deeply balsamic and dry, its drink also lends itself to a smooth tasting and interesting combinations with food. On the palate it surprises with strong but balanced notes, even in the long finish the flavor persists. A unique, decisive and at the same time lovable character, like Puglia. Gin di Puglia wants to tell the territory through a new taste experience, which falls in love and seduces; the passion for a different Puglia that you do not expect.

Gin di Puglia was born in Troia, in the heart of Puglia with its villages, expanses of wheat and green olive groves. Produced from the blend of botanicals and extra virgin olive oil, it has a strong, authentic and proudly unique character. Gin di Puglia comes from a slow distillation process of alcohol derived from wheat and real olive oil, mixed with Mediterranean botanicals such as coriander, licorice root, juniper and olive leaves.

Gin di Puglia comes from wheat, with the classic London Dry method.

The alcoholic base consists of the organic wheat distillate in which the aromatic herbs are then left to infuse. The botanicals, therefore juniper, coriander, licorice roots and olive leaves are infused into the base distillate and follow a further distillation process that preserves aromas and fragrances. Finally, a further distillation is carried out with infused extra virgin olive oil. Finally, the wine is bottled.

The choice of ingredients used is precise, aimed at high quality standards, strictly of biological origin; this is one of the strengths of Gin, from the earth to the distillery

Gin is produced in small batches and is bottled by hand.

Each bottle is unique and the wait is forgiven at the first taste.

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