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Ambrosia in its most classic form, ideal for making every moment of the day special. An aperitif with friends, enjoying it mixed, or an opportunity for pure pleasure at home, savoring it straight, or on the rocks, perhaps at the end of a meal. A bottle that communicates lightness, purity and high quality. The blend inside is characterized by the note of Sicilian lemon and rich in aromas thanks to sage and rosemary. The aromatic bouquet and the distillation approach make Ambrosia Day Edition a very drinkable Mediterranean gin with a high commercial vocation.

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Artisan distillation:

Ambrosia was born from one of the slowest artisan distillation techniques, guaranteeing full respect for raw materials, which are never exposed to flame or direct steam. The botanicals are left to infuse in an alcoholic base of full-grade cereals, the infusion is then diluted with the purest water from Monte Nerone and finally refrigerated at -15 ° for at least three days. This long process allows the gin to better express its aromas on the nose, even when bottled. Finally the gin is filtered, bottled and left to rest for three long months before being put on the market. The delicate flavor of Ambrosia also derives from the purity of the water with which it is made. The water with which the botanical infusion is diluted, in fact, comes directly from the source of the Tiber river, in Monte Nerone. It is thanks to one of the purest waters in Italy that we guarantee the highest quality of our product.


Tuscan Juniper

Juniper remains the basic ingredient of gin par excellence. This is why the Tuscan juniper is used for the Ambrosia blend, considered by many bartenders to be the most prestigious in the world. Picked directly on the Tuscan Apennines, where it grows spontaneously, juniper is the protagonist of the delicate taste of Ambrosia.

Lemons of Sicily

Grown under the sun and caressed by the sea breeze, our Sicilian lemons are selected directly from the best producers on the island. Ambrosia has a close relationship with Campisi Citrus, a Sicilian company leader on the market for the high quality of its citrus fruits.

Sage and Rosemary from Marchigiani

From the Marche, in the heart of Italy, come sage and rosemary, grown in the private garden of Tenute Collesi. A choice that is anything but casual, since these plants grow spontaneously and independently in the Italian territory and consequently particularly enhance their essence.

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