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Eifel's finest, hand-picked sloes give this Sloe Gin its very special character. Macerated in Windspiel Premium Dry Gin and with the addition of natural sloe juice, a sloe gin is created with intense juniper, aromatic sloes and floral notes of citrus. It is complemented by the spicy and finely delicate aromas of potato alcohol.

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This Sloe Gin is created with the same attention to detail and expertise as the classic Dry Gin. At first glance, the biggest difference seems to be the color, because this spirit shines an exciting red, due to the special ingredient that also gives it its name: sloe gin from Germany, also called sloe fire by some. One should talk about gin-based sloe liqueur or gin liqueur with sloes. It has a sweeter profile than gin, due to the hand-picked sloes. The red fruits of the bush growing in the Eifel were carefully harvested after the first frost and transformed into sloe juice. These berries and their juice make their way into the macerate and complement the other botanicals for flavoring. Regional and international ingredients come together in a secret recipe from the distillery.

Both sweet and fruity and slightly sour notes are expressed in the aroma and taste. Like its relatives, Windspiel's Sloe Gin is made from potatoes from the Weilerhof in the Vulkaneifel region. Whether it's a warm summer evening or a drink, the gin liqueur with sloes convinces across the board. Rather sweet but also floral and with a hint of spice and citrus, it conjures up a happy smile on your face.

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