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BaròGin is the result of a careful and accurate research work on the birth of Italian Gin, bringing to light 15th century wine-based gin recipe books, hence the desire to re-emerge ancient flavors. A recipe that lasted fourteen months, following the oldest art of distillation and the most traditional production methods. Thanks to the complex structure of the Barolo wine in which the individual botanicals juniper, cardamom, coriander, angelica are macerated ... consequently distilled, it releases to the distillate pleasant spicy and fruity scents found in the wine.

Awarded a 95 Pt Gold Medal at the London IWSC 2022 International Competition, Silver Medal at the Mixer Awards 2022 Competition.

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100% recycled PRC glass bottle, cork / wood stopper, recycled paper label with water-based colors. No Plastic.

Color: Dark with orange reflections.

Bouquet: Delicate, fragrant, fresh, the notes of juniper and spices meet the delicate fruity scents of Barolo wine.

Taste: Round, harmonious, delicate, very pleasant on the palate.

Botanicals: Juniper, 2015 Barolo wine, cardamom, coriander, + top secret

recommended to be paired with Dry Martini or Negroni cocktails

Easy to combine gin and tonic, a neutral tonic, slightly or unsweetened, is recommended to bring out the best flavors. Very pleasant for lovers of smooth.

BaròGin is a Premium Distilled Italian Gin, produced in Langa (Piedmont) by Langa Spirit in collaboration with the Bordiga 1888 distillery.

Traditional gin where the juniper immediately stands out on the palate, you can perceive the freshness given by the coriander and cardamom, characterized by pleasant hints due to the Barolo wine with a good persistence of aromas. On the nose, in addition to juniper and the fresh citrus notes of cardamom, it gives us a pleasant bouquet of red fruits from the wine. Well balanced easy to drink. For lovers it is recommended neat with an ice cube, for a Gin & Tonic enhance it with a Neutral Tonic.

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