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An innovative pomegranate-based gin, with a sweet and fragrant taste. Born for a mainly smooth tasting, it also lends itself excellently to mixing. Garnet Gin Almandino has the ambitious objective of bringing non-lovers of this distillate closer to the world of gin and of delighting the palates of the most demanding connoisseurs with new floral notes. The result is a new way of drinking and a new sensory experience to be discovered.

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The pomegranate, the fruit tree at the base of Gin Garnet, is less commonly called garnet; garnet is also a mineral, whose main species are six. Of these, one in particular, the Almandine, is reminiscent of the pomegranate seed due to its particular dark red color and its shape. It is precisely from this analogy that the name of Almandino gin was born, and it is from the English declension of the term garnet that the Garnet brand was born.

Garnet Gin presents itself on the market as innovative and capable of giving those who taste it a unique multi-sensory experience, simultaneously stimulating all the senses to discover new emotions never felt before.

The first step of this sensorial journey is the label, designed on the harmonious geometric shapes of the golden spiral; its lines distribute the texture of the garnet in a sinuous manner along the entire bottle, pervading it with the warm red color of the pomegranate.

Furthermore, the soft effect of the soft touch, together with the hidden elements, positioned to be perceptible only by touch, suggests what will be a new discovery in the world of gin. By picking up the bottle it is in fact possible to perceive with the fingers and the palm of the hand the elements in relief: the pomegranate seeds characteristic of the Garnet logo, which represent the three founding members, the name of the bottle Almandino and its chemical formula Fe3Al2 (SiO4)3.

The intoxicating scent of the botanicals used joins the other senses in the discovery of a new way of drinking gin.

Organoleptic profile

Enveloping and fragrant gin thanks to the presence of floral notes such as chamomile, rose and hibiscus, which combine with the freshness of orange, lemon and bergamot peels. The balsamic charge of juniper is present, softened by a pleasant residual sugar, for a silky and never cloying sip. The fresh note of pomegranate enriches the bouquet of this gin together with the herbaceous notes of cardamom and lemon balm.

Serving temperature: 4°-6°

Service: perfect on a not too bitter tonic, for a fresh cocktail full of herbaceous and floral aromas.

GARNET, The Sweet Gin: The gin with a sweet and fragrant taste!

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