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IDOL was born at the beginning of 2020 from a group of young people who, having lived Milan by night for many years, share not only a passion for gin, but also for nightlife, fun and being together. The IDOL brand has an identity that develops as a fusion of the most characteristic aspects of Milan: internationality, fashion, design and historicity. These influences have led to a bold style with a strong personality, which is also reflected in all their recipes, designed to give the products a taste that is always distinctive and bold, but at the same time refined and exclusive.

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Botanicals: juniper, cinnamon, orange, cardamom, sea fennel, mandarin peel, white pepper.

Distillation: Two passages in a bain-marie still (infusion of grain alcohol with botanicals). Low operating temperature in distillation with modified atmosphere.

Olfactory tasting: Fine but at the same time very strong due to the peculiarities of its botanicals, IDOL transmits, from a purely olfactory point of view, a pleasant freshness that derives from citrus fruits and a mix of delicate and enveloping scents that combine harmoniously with the spicy ones. Juniper and cardamom are not invasive, but rather blend with a delicate and pleasant pungency.

Organoleptic tasting: As regards the taste experience, IDOL represents the best combination of fresh botanicals, with a good flavor on the palate and the spices make it particularly persistent in its aromas. It reserves an aftertaste of white pepper which, together with sea fennel, uniquely enhances both the scents of the sea and the earth. Its ability to change its identity depending on consumption is striking: it presents itself as authoritative, determined and powerful if drunk individually. Explosive and generous if enjoyed mixed.

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