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Gin 2punto4 is the extreme exaltation of strong, recognizable flavors with an unusual combination: the sourness of juniper, the delicacy of coriander, the sweetness of fennel, the warmth of spruce but also the pungent aroma of thyme and freshness of citrus fruits (orange and bergamot): a "poseidonic" wave that, breaking on the palate, releases an intense and cathartic aromatic ecstasy.

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The result of a consolidated thirty-year friendship between the two world-famous bartrenders Mauro Mahjoub and Jorge Alberto Soratti, this GIN is a real alchemy of all-Italian flavors. The contribution of the historic company Michele Jannamico & figli spa, of Lanciano, leader in the Abruzzo liquor industry for over 130 years, was essential, whose zealous attention, especially in the distillation phase, was worth to get him an honorary place in this project that saw the birth of such a special product. To achieve it, an innovative method specially developed was used. The manufacturing process involves the distillation in a bain-marie of the eight botanicals treated individually and the mixture (or bland) of the various ingredients.

Jorge Alberto Soratti

In 1982 he began his career in the beverage sector in Argentina. Member of several important international associations of Barman and IBA, in 2002 he won the W.C.C. I.B.A. in Bled, Slovenia. He is multiple champion of national and international competitions. An established bartender, since 2007 he has been the owner of the “Black and White” Cocktail Bar in Macerata. He is a consultant, instructor, competition judge, teacher in masterclasses and is often called upon to confer in sector seminars.

Mauro Mahjoub

With more than 30 years of experience in the beverage sector, he is the winner of national and international competitions, so much so that he has earned the nickname “Il Re del Negroni”. He is also a member of the I.B.A. and of various sector associations, for 22 years he has been running his own restaurant in Munich with great success and is ambassador and consultant of the Campari Academy. International judge of various Bartender competitions, he is a fine connoisseur of everything concerning the reality of the Bar sector and teaches in masterclasses from all over the world.

We started with the firm intention of creating a new flavor capable of surprising. We experimented with different recipes whose ingredients were gradually collected and cataloged in ampoules for spirits. Finally, thanks to our experience in creating and mixing cocktails, we have identified in the "test tubes" number 2 and 4 the perfect ingredients to achieve the desired flavor and aroma. To the contents of those two special ampoules, we owe the end of a long experimental work and the beginning of an extraordinary adventure, under the banner of good all-Italian drinking. So, how not to honor the 2 and 4! Satisfied and satisfied by this creative experience, today we can say that we have found a precious and innovative "alchemical" formula that, we are sure, will conquer even the most demanding palates passionate about superior quality GIN.

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