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This excellent amaro is obtained from a decoction on the fire wood, medicinal herbs, roots and barks, among which stands out the intense aroma of the rhubarb. Sweetened with honey of the Sibillini Mountains, also stands out for its characteristic opalescence that comes from the honey.

Alcohol 21%

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Intended initially to herbalists has won the best restaurant for his goodness and for his originality.
How to eat it
Great bitter niche, and can be enjoyed smooth, chilled or diluted with water or gas. It matches perfectly with the cola and can become a very good grog, heated and garnished with orange peel or a cinnamon stick or cloves.

Color: Tobacco with shades of brick, veiled, visually challenging.
Smell: Aroma of ripe fruit, almost cooked, and raisins, you can perceive scents of gentian, rhubarb, sandalwood, honey.
Taste: Dry, bitter, hot. Incisive the presence of tannin that leaves the palate dry, and is opposed by a salivation intense in the lateral points of the mouth. Are strong sensations, hard, dates from the acids and tannins.
Intensity: The values, love the spicy and also involve in the persistent phase.
Persistence: Intense aroma of spices, rhubarb, sandalwood. Intense well as the persistence root.

Final considerations: the definition of The taste will be very personal. The great tonic of the niche, it can be used in every situation: as an appetite stimulant, as a tonic, and as a refreshing drink if diluted with water and ice. Ends a good meal.
How to Serve: Smooth, or shaken, on the rocks or mixed with cola. It can become a very good grog, heated and garnished with orange peel or a cinnamon stick or cloves.

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finalmente un Varnelli come ai vecchi tempi
rating 10 10 1
abbandonate le miscele zuccherine commerciali, finalmente un amaro con la A maiuscola
Varnelli amaro
rating 10 10 1
Qualità e prezzo ottima
Ottimo amaro
rating 10 10 1
Amaro marchigiano buonissimo, difficile da reperire. Forse un po' caro ma ottimo.
Answer: Putroppo è un prodotto artigianale prodotto in poche quantità..Mà come dice lei..Buonissimo :)))
rating 10 10 1
Qualità e prezzo ottimo
Percepire le erbe
rating 10 10 1
servito freddo al punto giusto con del ghiaccio che apra la rosa degli aromi è possibile percepire ogni singolo ingrediente.Ottimo da ricomprare