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The end liquor which is prepared with espresso coffee. Soft and aromatic, it also sends notes of cocoa, vanilla, spices, tobacco, honey and caramel. The taste is pleasantly sweet, well balanced and persistent.

Alcohol 30%

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The Coffee Mocha is a classic liqueur dessert and drink smooth or with ice. Excellent for the correct, Responsible (in the typical drink of the marche called “calzolaro”), or in the Shot of chocolate, ice cream, and many pleasant after-dinner including the Black and White Russian. Added to coffee, mixed the beef and makes it creamy. It is also recommended as a syrup for the tiramisu and flans.

Color: dark Brown typical, coffee.
Smell: The scent of the coffee at mocha blends with notes of cocoa, vanilla, spices, tobacco, honey and caramel.
Taste: The taste is pleasantly sweet, the product is well balanced, long persistence of aromas. The pleasure turns to an espresso.
Final considerations: The first impact reveals the sweet notes, coffee, vanilla and chocolate. Great for mixing, in order to enrich the caffé shakerato and a perfect complement to the dessert and pastry making.
How to Serve: Versatile, moderate-alcohol content, the Moka Varnelli is drunk neat or with ice. Excellent mixed with Varnelli (Calzolaro), or on ice cream and in a variety of cocktails. The exquisite Shot of dark chocolate.

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